Google Mobile Search Says Goodbye to Non-Mobile Sites

Mobile Google Search to only show Mobile Websites

Mobile Google Search to only show Mobile Websites

On April 21, 2015, one of the most impacting events in Google Search Results will occur. Google Search will only return mobile compatible sites to mobile devices. If your website is not mobile (by Google’s standards) you will not show up on Mobile devices.

Last month, almost 70% of searching on Google was done by smartphone and an additional 6% was done on tablets. This means that only 24% of the searches were done on laptops and desktops. Some businesses are in real trouble.

I see a number of websites where the owners say they are “mobile,” but in reality, they are no where near compliance with Google’s definition. I think one of the greatest impacts will be in REAL ESTATE and HOME Searches. Most REAL ESTATE websites and MLS search sites are so far from being mobile friendly that it is likely that Zillow is going to take an even bigger chunk out of the REAL ESTATE industry. I can hear taps playing in the Broker Website MLS cemetery right now. Zillow will be taking an even bigger chunk of the market and a mass panic is about to hit.

Many companies and organizations have also bought into the “Big Mobile APP” lie. They thought that the public would download and install an APP that is Mobile to save their industry, but the truth is that the only a very small portion of the public is willing to download and install an APP that uses space on their smartphone. Why would I give up space on my already full phone and delete family pictures?

NOTE – Those MOBILE APPS are not going to be found in Google Search results!

WebInfused has been designing and implementing mobile websites for over 7 years. It was only last year that a small handful of the local brokers moved to mobile websites. On Tuesday April 21, Google will pull the plug and all the websites who are considered non-conforming to Google’s Mobile definition will go down the drain only be found on laptops and desktops and some larger tablets.

If you are interested in knowing Google’s definition, it can be found here:

If you need help, or insights please contact me at

WebInfused Employment Corner

WebInfused has released the first video in our series "The WebInfused Employment Corner."  The series will include excerpts from our employment seminars in short segments.  The first video present our Reward over Risk model and the costs assocaited with hiring and employing. Future videos will build on the concepts presented in this first video.


New Software Releases- announced the release of two new pieces software today,  RealStrap® and EmployStrap® built on the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework. These two new pieces of software are a further evolution of the WebInfused Contact Point to which they just added content management to the software’s capabilities.


EmployStrap® Dashboard

EmployStrap® is built on the highly successful software developed by to help individuals seeking employment. The pilot programs ran both with Grand Valley State University students in 2012 and with Military veterans across the country in 2013 and had high success rates. EmployStrap® creates a personally customized employment web application or personal website through it’s content management system. The software helps users develop their personal brand. It organizes all their contact information, most used social media identities and hiring documents into  a personal computer, tablet and smartphone web applications or personal employment website. By utilizing the tools the software provides, the user can connect to a multitude of employment opportunities which may not be available without EmployStrap®. With a little preparation, the user will never be without their hiring information when opportunity knocks. Imagine the opportunities when someone carries their cover letter, resume and references and a multitude of connection methods with you everywhere you go in their smartphone or on a business card! EmployStrap® is a foundational piece of the Employment seminars and was designed to tie all the training and requirements for employment into a nice neat and organized package.



RealStrap® Bruce Phillips Realtors

RealStrap® has also evolved from a web-based app into a powerful Real Estate website content management system that runs on everything from a computer to a tablet and smartphone. The software creates connections to many of the user’s existing web-based real estate connections, as well as their contact information and links to their social media sites. This software turns the user's smartphone into a powerful marketing tool that allows them to maximize their time away from the office. They can be as reachable as they desire. This software is available for individual agents as well as broker offices. The brokerage solution is available with all the features of the individual software and adds a staff directory that links to the individual agents creating an individual solution for each member of the staff.  RealStrap® is 100% customizable to additional features that can be tailored to the individual or the office.


RealStrap® Mobile


Both softwares were developed with a mobile first strategy, understanding that if it doesn’t work mobile, it’s not going to work for the long-term. In order to be prepared in today’s market technologies have to be mobile. Both pieces of software were built on the bootstrap platform and they work flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and any computer with a modern browser. intends to implement these new softwares into it’s own directories that are 100% mobile first and social media integrated. These two new directories will be housed into two new websites, and Look for to go live very soon in a scaled roll-out and for to roll-out sometime this summer. 



If you would like to find out more about either solution, contact

New Mac or Upgrade?









If you are considering a new Macbook or Macbook Pro. Do you buy a new Mac or Upgrade your old one? There are some things you should know. The newest Macbooks and Macbook Pros come with memory that cannot be increased. If you buy a machine with two GIG, you are stuck with only two GIG until it dies. The new machines have solid state hard drives that make them work very fast, but they have very little storage room.

Have you ever stumbled into a business by accident? This is one of those cases.  I have upgraded and souped up my own Macs and PCs for years. I have built both PCs and even a Hackintosh (A custom built PC that runs Mac Software) )to learn how.  A few friends that have seen how fast my Macs are have inquired about why they were so fast. I also had clients that asked about what they should upgrade to in the new Macs and I shared what we did ourselves. I already have all the tools, software, knowledge and a good bit of experience. So, I fixed up a few friend's laptops and IMacs and the results have been amazing. Imagine jumping from standard 2.5" SATA 320 GIG drive to a Hybrid 2.5" SATA 1TB drive and maxing out the memory of your machine. In side by side comparisons, these upgrades give you current performance standards for a fraction of the cost and you don't have to migrate your files and reauthorize software.

We now offer upgrading Macs and MacBooks to Hybrid drives and maxing out memory in machines from 2007 to 2012 with amazing results. Most of the machines will have all the software and files you have created, but run faster than they did when you bought them! Malware corrupted files or files that are damaged by bad sectors of the old disk may or may not be recovered in the process. If you want, we will  provide your old drive in an external case so you have a complete backup and operating system to the point we make the updates. You can choose if this is with Malware removed and with file repair or not. 

We run Malware scans and performance enhancements that will make your old Mac like a new Mac. Would you like a Mac that functions like the newest machines, but for a fraction of the cost?

Contact me about getting a price. I will also do IMacs, if you need. Price varies based on the size of the original hard drive and the level of MALWARE infestation, if any. Based on recent information from a couple friends, our upgrading prices are about 20% less than prices that they were quoted elsewhere.

The best way to start is to figure out what machine and build you really have.

You may also use the following resources for assistance identifying your Mac NoteBook or Desktop:

To determine what OS your Mac NoteBook or Desktop shipped with please use Mac OS X versions (builds) for computers.

Once you figure out what you have, email me and we can explore how to Mac your old Mac last you a few more years.  You can email me at 2.0 & Social Media

OAuth 2.0 has become the connecting point for social media. It is the bridge that connects us to social media sites for a large number of situations. The issue is that instead of staying true to a interconnection method that always works in the same manner to make the connection of APPs and websites easier, the introduction of 2.0 removed much of the commonality and "open source" standards and eliminated many things that should have not been done, in my opinion. You can read the opinion of Eran Hammer, who left the over the same issues I mention here.  Erin's Article is found at 2.0 & Social Media occurances has made it very hard for many people to understand how to integrate the APPs and websites with Facebook. Following tutorials and step by step procedures leaves many fraustrated and angry. In this posting I will detail some of my personal experiences and insights in integrating Facebook to APPs and websites. As far as I understand, Facecbook is the only entity that is using the versions of 2.0 that they do at the current time.

Here are some basic tips and undocumented clues that make it work more smoothly.

Tip 1. At the first sign of trouble secure your website with a SSL certificate. If you read the notes and programmer data, you will find mention after mention of this fact, but it seems to be contradicted in actual documentation for 2.0. Why? This is because the 2.0 version of can be customized by each user to adapt to their requirements. Facebook LOVES HTTPS! You will find this mentioned over and over in the Facebook Developer Area. So, even though for most 2.0 situations this would not be required, Facebook likes data from HTTPS sources. Sometimes the process works just fine. Sometimes, it does not. I can tell you that there have been many times where I just secured the site pushing to Facebook with an HTTPS prefix and all my hair-pulling ceased. We are still living with browser issues where certain browsers do not function correctly when you combine data from HTTP and HTTPS sources. Even though this was supposed to not be required for 2.0, it seems to be a constant for reliability within Facebook.

Tip 2. When pushing Data to a Facebook business page there is a process and it should not be rushed. In the 2.0 process for Facebook, you need to first establish a connection with a Facebook personal account that has at least a "content creator" role on the Facebook business page that you intend to connect. Once that is done, walk away for up to 24 hours before taking the next step. Why? It just seems to work better to allow information to migrate to all Facebook servers before tying to link to the Facebook business page. After 24 hours, attempt to connect up the process to the Facebook business page.

Tip 3. When you build your 2.0 connection to Facebook, make sure you carefully comprehend what you are asking to APP to do. You need to add and save each action you choose to link. You will find these under "Review Status" in the "Facebook Developer Area." You need to set and authorize permissions for actions such as Follow, Like, Read, Publish, and so on. Usually, you will need to repeat the process in two steps in your APP or on your Website. Those steps will be to first authorize the action and then detail the function. Trying to do both at the same time seems to be another unpublished potential tripping point.

Tip 4. If your source of content dynamically changes to serve data based on other Meta, you need to push data from a cache to Facebook that is almost static. On many Real Estate websites the same URL address will not reproduce the same data minutes after you access it. They use AJAX, Java and a programming language like PHP or other dynamic sources to create page content. Sometimes they use various methods to serve data by IP address, browser of other end user details to create content.  This again seems to be a migration issue to all the Facebook servers. If the data changes dynamically, I have experienced glitches and failures that seemed to disappear when I pushed from a static source. Also, I have also observed that Facebook will crawl sources for a good period of time after the data push. Are they verifying your data? I am still not sure as to the purpose of this. Perhaps it is just Graph Search getting better data for their search engine. It does stop and make you think!

Tip 5. Make sure that you complete the Facebook side of the APP by uploading all the images the development of the APP suggests. Why? Because you will run into a point where the APP selects a portion of an image from the source that looks bad, unplanned, sloppy and even inappropriate.

Tip 6. Remember to turn off the Sandbox (or testing) mode to take the APP features live. I have been called on at least 5 occasions in the past 2 months to fix an APP only to discover the the Sandbox remained active.

If you are totally lost, don't feel bad. Thousands of developers and programmers are too. Contact me and we will get you seamlessly transferring data.  If you only knew how many times I have worked through hiccups and the notes I have regarding the process from trouble shooting these same issues, you would understand why I created this post.

You can find out more at

One last tip here. I have found it very useful to subscribe to the WordPress Pluigin RSS feed for the plugin that is devleoped and maintained by Facebook iteself. If you want to know how to tweak and update your interfaces over changes by Facebook, you can always subscribe to this WordPress RSS feed for support and find lots of clues on where you might be going wrong from the Facebook Plugin that Facebook itself maintains for WordPress.  You can also download and open up this code and find all the clues you need to create your custom interface for non WordPress related tasks.

The plugin page is located at:

You can subscribe to the Plugin Support RSS Feed at:

I hope this helps you find clues for the unwritten steps to make your Facebook 2.0 work the way you want it.


Vets Getting Careers with the Employment App

2.0_rev_a"What sets this 'smart app' apart from others is the way it integrates your "professional" social media (not personal) and platform independent interfaces. In essence this innovation lowers potential employers risks of hiring you by quickly being able to validate your professional credentials while also improving your own personal reward by landing you that dream job you deserve in the process. It also makes the kind of differentiating first impression we all strive to make at any first meeting. It works with smartphones, tablets and any laptop or PC. It was developed for vets by someone who personally understands the sacrifices that have been made.

This smart app will put America back to work exponentially faster than anything else I've seen during my own job search. It also leverages Quick Response (QR) code technologies and social media integration capabilities to make it quick and easy for you to share your contact information, resume, cover letter and personal references (and potentially much more) all at once while giving your 30 second elevator pitch whenever someone gets within 3 feet of you.

You become a high-tech self marketing entrepreneur instantly and overnight. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO LAND THAT DREAM JOB ASAP!!! I promise it works! It worked for me within 24 hours of getting my account established. In addition, it will continue to work for you throughout your career as an entrepreneur and business innovator.

Retired from Air Force Space Command, Captain 'Kirk' Moen (Master Sergeant), supporting GPS Site Activation Task Force, and until recently also worked for NASA on Joint Polar Satellite System as a Sr. Systems Engineer."

Kirk A. Moen, USAF Retired



Employment Contact Point 2.0

Version 2.0

WebInfused introduces version 2.0 of Contact Point Software

WebInfused announced the introduction of version 2.0 of Employment Contact Point Software today.

Employment Contact Point 2.0 software introduces several new features and enhances and improves some of the existing features on the popular software that is being used all over the country to help veterans, college, students and those out of work find career level jobs!

The newest feature is a "User Interface" that is designed to be somewhat stealthy to find. The Employment Contact Point 2.0 user can store their own landing page of the app to the desktop of their Smartphone or save it as a bookmark in their browser.  In any contact with a potential employer, the user can click on their own picture to access software that allows them to enter the email address of that potential employer and send all their contact information in an email that thanks the person for taking the time to meet with them. The software also sends PDF copies of the user's cover letter, resume and references. 

What is new about this feature is that it emails the hiring documents, similar to the feature in the previous version of the employment page, but the email generated by the user interface is designed with content that sends an instant thoughtful thank-you along with all the contact information.

Imagine a chance meeting with the owner of the company with which you want to work. Simply pull out your phone, enter their email address and within seconds send a thank-you email, your contact information, cover letter, resume, references that has both a smartphone and desktop version to work on any computing device.  We have repeatedly observed as users have repeatedly used this new feature to "stun potential employers." No wonder a recent college placement specialist called this software "The Most Important Software in the Country right now!"

Version 2.0 also brings the social media contact interface to every page of the smartphone software.  In our seminars, we train users to prepare information for career seeking through the use of social media. The people getting hired today are the people who provide the greatest certainty in the hiring process. We teach users how to use social media to decrease their RISK and increase their REWARD in the minds of the potential employer. By bring the social media interface to every page of the smartphone interface, we have enhanced that training and preparation. 

In version 2.0 we decreased the number of clicks to access information. This increases the potential for a potential employer to get to "The GOOD STUFF!" The Contact Page no longer has buttons with 3 levels. Everything is accessed in one click!

We also enhanced the Employment Page by adding a more personal message of thanks in the email sent to inquiring employers. That message includes all your contact information along with your cover letter, resume and references. 

Behind the scenes we have enhanced the speed at which the app should operate and made some improvements to provide analytical tracking through Google Analytics of people that access your information. 

With all the interest coming from colleges, universities and governement employment agencies, things are happening very fast!  Look for additional some small, but vital enhancments to 2.0 in the coming weeks. 

Version 2.0 is a free update to existing users. There is no need to update anything on the user's part, as all these enhancements are automatically updated through our server. You just need to get out there and use them.

Many Thanks for all the wonderful notes and emails of encouragement! We really are going to put the country back to work with this kind of support!


Dave Cook
Chief Technology Officer


Making an Appearance

We often hear complaints about the Generation X and Y hiding behind their computers instead of getting out there and meeting people face to face. The personal computer has been part of their lives for a majority of their adult lives. With the explosions of social media through various providers and the arrival of the smartphone, the world changed.

I think we were all invited, but the announcement was lost in the mail. I believe that some time in 2009 social media and the smartphone eloped! You cannot go anywhere without finding a room filled with people using their smartphones to get their latest status or information from social media with their smartphone.

Generations X and Y certainly know how to use social media, but maybe they have lost the art of conquering the face to face meeting. Whether you are selling a house or you are selling yourself for a job, you won’t accomplish much sitting behind your computer all day long! You have to be “out there” in the real world to get found and you have to be the person you say you are online to have that creditability. You need a real brand that people can touch and see face to face.

One of my favorite songs is Brad Pasley’s “Online.”

I think that video is pretty self evident. You must be who you are online in the real world to close a deal on anything… a date, a sale or a job! Your brand has to be real!

The WebInfused Employment Solution and the WebInfused Business Contact Point take your online expertise and help you take the confidence that you have online and carry it into the real world. With a QR Code on your business card that links anyone you hand your card to the “your brand” backed by everything that you have created to define yourself online, you have a most powerful tool to reach out and connect to others in a way that has never been available before. Now, people can see, who you are in person and online and the confidence that you are the real deal!

The Veterans Employment Solution

Three years ago, with Kathy Perrett, CEO of the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS, I began to develop an idea to create a way to help people find jobs.  The process was painful, yet enlightening. Our research and resource search was exhausting. Whatever we developed, it had to be mobile compatible and it also needed a “Human Resources” desktop access application that made it usable for businesses. It needed to be fast and not dependent on the device platform. It needed to be professional and personal.Mobile Features

In September of 2012, after more than 20 months of testing and design revisions, I locked myself in for 45 days of intense programming. Today, I will reveal the results to the instructors that teach our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines how to transition back into civilian life.  The result is not our idea of what they need, it was refined and evolved with input from people on the front lines of helping these vets, like Kevin Walda of the Veterans Upward Bound program from Colorado Springs.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.59.47 AM

What is exciting is that many articles are appearing talking about what people need to do to get jobs. These articles list a myriad of things that a jobseeker will need. These lists are great! Why? Because what we built 3 years ago has all those features and more!  Technology is chasing WebInfused!  

Why did I create this? When I heard about the lack of body armor and armor for our humvees in Iraq, there was little I could do, but lobby our leaders to correct the issue.  Today, I intend on making sure that I don’t allow history to repeat itself with our veterans that are facing separation from the military (leaving for civilian life).

Filling in the Gaps


When we feel fear, this nation cries out for heroes to answer the call to arms after great national tragedies like September 11 and as that fear is mildly reduced, we have so many people seemingly vilifying the same heroes as torturers and warmongers? We seem to be good at starting war and very bad at wrapping up the details. Sometimes it feels like we are in a such a hurry to forget what happen, we fail to make a plan to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on the way out the door.

Our heroes deserve so much better!  For the past almost 10 years, our separating vets have been getting almost 8 hours of training from the Department of Labor in how to collect unemployment and about 1 hour in how to collect their college education benefits. Unemployment is “sold” to them, almost as a continuation of their military pay.  As a former manager of at an employment service, I can only begin to tell you the harm that this does!  These practices foster an entire class of former military personnel that have been fooled into thinking that they have a year to find a job, while riding the unemployment check and they slowly render themselves less and less employable.

In today’s job market, it is about reducing risk and increasing the potential reward when hiring any employee.  A simple Google search for “average cost of hiring an employee” seems to place the average cost at between $4000 to $16,000, depending on the industry and the job.  Those are high stakes! With those costs, it is imperative that we teach our vets how to reduce the risk of employing them and increase the reward.

It has become obvious to the professionals working with enlisted military personnel that so many of them leave the military without comprehending what the job market is going to be like. They have bought into the fantasy of taking a year to find a job.  These “unemployment riders” feel that they can relax and take their time over a year and collect unemployment while they casually look for work. This creates a number of problems for employers. It creates gaps in the resume. Anything longer than a two to three month gap in an employment timeline is going to really hurt the chances for employment. If they can’t find work, encourage them to volunteer, go to school and stay active. There were times, as a headhunter, when I felt the best person for the job was someone who had more than a couple months of gap in employment. I could not award them the job, solely because a gap in their employment history.  A gap opens the possibilities to cast some doubt on diligence, motivation, character and consistency of a prospect. With all the fears created by the stigma of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a significant gap in a veteran’s employment history can have serious long term employability implications.

Other veterans come out of military with the fantasy that they will be handed the first job that comes along. They seem to have the fantasy that they are going to land on their feet running and rapidly climb the corporate ladder. This is pure fiction in most cases! The statistics and my experience just don’t bear this out as true.  We need to inform the family and friends of these separating vets that it is a cruel and brutal job market out there. They need to be prepared to do battle for employment! Vets cannot sit back and allow gaps to open in their resumes.  They must volunteer, seek instruction and make jobseeking a full-time and immediate effort!

Tomorrow, I am going to be presenting at the 35th Annual Veterans Upward Bound Conference, with Kevin Walda.  Kevin is presenting his enlightening message of creating personal brands. I will be presenting our Veterans Employment Application for mobile and Desktop. I will also be presenting the WebInfused The Reality Social Media & SEO Strategy as it applies to jobseekers.  As part of that presentation, I will publicly demo Facebook’s Graph Search and show how it relates to jobseekers and employers.  I have the feeling that the world is about to change for our vets, if we can just turn a few heads!